Save Time and Money with PanOptic Document Imaging

Digitally storing and indexing your organization's documents will save your business time and money. An Ernst and Young study has revealed that electronic document management can reduce staff time by up to 50%.  By decreasing your staff's time spent on redundant tasks such as filing, sorting, copying, etc. your business can move ahead faster on more important projects.

Document imaging provides you with instant access to all of your important customer files right from your desktop.  You will be able to satisfy your customers' requests immediately!

PanOptic can help you improve:

  • Disaster Recovery - Image your paper files and back them up and store them on platters, back-up tapes and replicate the system to others in case of a disaster. PanOptic assists in preventing corruption and loss of critical content and documents due to any unexpected disruptions.

  • Reduce Storage Space - Reduce your on-site filing cabinet requirements and move documentation to a less accessible site, or even completely eliminate your paper documents.

  • Improve Customer Service - Provide customers with answers to questions on their first inquiry with readily available documentation.

  • Integrate Existing Applications - Integrate content with current business systems to enhance the value of existing investments

  • Regulatory Compliance - PanOptic helps ensure greater compliance with acts and regulations.

  • Information Security - PanOptic maintains high levels of availability and security for your corporate assets and ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access to information.

  • Quick Document Retrieval & Efficient Decision MakingHigh-performance information delivery and retrieval allows for one to thousands of users to access critical images. This combined with seamless integration with other enterprise applications and systems provides your company with the ability to quickly respond to changing business conditions while making informed and accurate decision-making. Increase operational effectiveness while reducing costs. 

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